Claudio Evangelista
Founder and head trainer of the Brasilian American Soccer Academy.
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The Brasilian Soccer Academy exists to enhance soccer player’s abilities through systematic training. We train players of all ages. We place a great deal of emphasis on teaching our players the skills necessary to play highly competitive soccer and how to use those skills in an effective manner when on the field. We have seen many teams that are good at passing and shooting, but when it comes to individual one on one play, many players lack the training on how to use foot skills and moves to avoid pressure and create opportunities. Our objective is to teach players foot skills and moves that will bring a new element to their game and ad a greater degree of confidence to use what they learn.

We can provide training anywhere in the World and welcome all inquiries.

As with anything we do in life, having someone teach you the skills the correct way can have an enormous impact on creating good habits and reaching your maximum potential earlier. Soccer is becoming very competitive; there is no better way to learn the proper techniques and skills necessary to play competitively than to learn from someone who has reached the highest level of competition, through mastering the very skills necessary to reach such a level. Everyone has a role to play in supporting the development of our children, the professional trainer exists to assess a child's true potential and help them reach it. We realize that every child will not grow up to be a professional soccer player, but the interaction with training with a professional trainer will provide them with an opportunity to train like one.

Our head trainer is Claudio Evangelista. Cludio began playing professional soccer at age 16 with top Brasil team Santos. He has played in 16 different countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Portugual. In the US, Claudio has played for Illinois State Select, US Regional Select team in San Antonio, and the US National Team B in Miami. He has also played professionally in Mexico with division 1 teams such as Necaxa and Tecos. Claudio's latest achievement includes coaching at St. Lawrence High School and Daly College in Chicago. Claudio also worked as the head trainer for Team Chicago for 8 years. Claudio is currently the head trainer for the Illinois United Soccer Club. Claudio is "A" licensed and certified.

Private Training
Claudio provides private training for individuals or small groups year round. Each session is at least an hour and half long. Claudio will evaluate your current skill level and develop a personalized training program to help you achieve your objectives.

Soccer Camps
Our soccer camps are usually held over a 5 day period, running 3 hours per day and open to the general public. The major emphasis is on enhancing the fundamental skills necessary to play competitive soccer at any level. We create a variety of stations that simulate a professional training environment. We include many games for all ages to keep the training fun, exciting and competitive. We believe in nurturing our players by providing positive reinforcement and building their confidence.

We also offer tailored private training programs to groups that want to augment their current training regimen.

The Training Academy
The training academy provides an opportunity for players to learn how to play the game of soccer tactically, and enhance their skills. Training is held 3 days a week in the summer with each daily session lasting one and a half hours, and 1 day a week in Spring, Winter, and Fall with a duration of one hour.

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Claudio would like nothing more than to take what he has learned through his years as a professional player and trainer and apply that knowlege towards improving your game. Feel free to give us a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email us for more information at